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BBM 250 – 6.500

• Technical parts, drums and tanks up to 5000 litres
• Three-stage hydraulic clamping system (movement/force), hybrid control with directly driven servo pumps or electric clamping movement
• Moveable or fixed clamping system with accumulator head or for continuous extrusion
• Fully closed-loop movements for mould, carriage, blowpins, wall thickness, PWDS
• Low maintenance costs (no oil, filters, leakages), no cooling energy for hydraulics
• High-output extruders with a high L/D-ratio for HDPE/HMPE for smooth plastification and constant material feeding
• High-performance extrusion heads (continuous or accumulator) – also for HMPE
• BBM ‚BlowControl 2‘ with Multi-Touch Screen and Remote Control
• Proportional control for pushout, blow air and mould moving sections
• Clamping force measurement and adjustment directly at the operator panel
• Optional: automation with robot take-out, post-processing, punching unit, post-cooling, multi-cavity, multi-layer, view stripe, PWDS (electric or hydraulic), electric die centering