BBM 1-10 und 1-30 2017-09-26T08:51:15+00:00


BBM 1-10E/D
BBM 1-30E
BBM 1-30EL/D

• Electric single and double station blow moulders for stackable containers 5 – 40 litre
• Fully electric controlled movements for mould, carriage, blowpin and wall thickness
• 30 – 50 % energy saving compared to hydraulic machines
• Clamping unit with article take-out to the front, back, right or left
• Low maintenance costs (no oil, filters, leakages), no cooling energy for hydraulics
• Easy access to the production and maintenance area with wide opening safety gates
• BBM ‚BlowControl 2‘ with Multi-Touch Screen
• Remote control for tele-service via Internet
• New high output extruders for HMPE with a high L/D-ratio
• Coated extrusion heads for best surrounding distribution and quick colour changes
• Mould thickness and clamping force adjustment, directly at the operator panel
• Proportional control for profiled blow and support air
• Optional: multi-layer, high-output (ho)-version, post-cooling stations, external punching unit, IML, view stripe, additional hydraulic system, PWDS, 2nd neck, quick-change features