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BBM EcoPET 10/2
BBM EcoPET 5/1

• Single-stage Injection Stretch Blow Moulding Machine (ISBM) for economic production of PET bottles in cosmetic, detergent, pharma and food packaging
• Complete system for production of preform and bottle
• Large product range from 50 ml to 5000 ml
• Optimum ratio of 5:1 between injection and blow process
• Compact unit with minimal footprint, easy accessible with wide opening safety gates
• Easy change over due to easy accessible mould areas and inner mould shell technology
• Continuous plastification with melt accumulator allows easy adjustable and precise shot volume and best repeatability
• Rheological balanced hot runner system for uniform melt distribution and minimum shear stress provides highest possible preform quality
• Preferential heating system for uniform wall thickness distribution of oval or rectangular bottles allow reduced product weights
• Control system with 24” Multi-Touch screen
• Remote control for tele-service via internet